Justin Coleman: Going Vegan Helping with 'Injury Resistance'

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John Maakaron

Veganism is on the rise in the world of athletics worldwide. From top-level soccer players in Europe to NFL athletes, many are altering their diets and becoming vegans. 

Why Veganism?

There is growing evidence among the scientific community that switching to a vegetarian diet can have profound health benefits. 

From shorter recovery times, inflammation reduction and injury resistance, athletes who have made the switch are reporting significant benefits of making the switch to more of a plant-based diet.

The Boston Globe has indicated the current plant-based movement is being adopted by many across the NFL due to the success of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 

Playing NFL football at a high level until the age of 45 is very likely for the 6-time Super Bowl Champion. 

He largely credits his vegetable-based diet and flexibility training for extending his career.

Also, Rob Gronkowski has gone on the record stating that Brady's plant-based TB12 performance meal plan helped to extend his career. 

When speaking to SI Lions Maven about his nutrition on Monday, Justin Coleman revealed, "I am vegan now. The vegan diet is working for me. I have a new change of dishes that are my favorites. What I like right now is pasta with beyond meat. They use this beyond meat and they make this pasta meal. I throw some fruits and vegetables on the side and I have a nice little healthy meal right there."

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Coleman discussed the health benefits he has experienced since being on a vegan diet. "It has been helping with recovery and injury resistance," he said. "I feel like I have not been getting hurt like that."

In March of 2019, Coleman signed a four-year, $36-million deal with Detroit after stints with the Patriots and Seahawks.

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