Detroit vs. Everybody: Colin Cowherd Unites Detroit Lions Fans

Colin Cowherd ripped the New Era Detroit Lions hat, and fans took to social media to defend their hometown team.

For the better part of a decade, it appeared as though the Detroit Lions fanbase had been fractured. 

Supporting a franchise with no real track record of success is certainly no easy feat, but the divide between supporters and cynics reached its crescendo during the Matthew Stafford era. 

With an entirely new front office and coaching staff led by head coach Dan Campbell, it appears as though supporters have rallied together to defend the team they support against outsiders who have chosen to rip the team. 

Fox Sports Radio's "The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd" has been the focal point of supporters for the past week. 

Fans flooded co-host Joy Taylor's social media feed, after she criticized Campbell for wearing a helmet for a brief portion of his media session last week. 

"They're supposed to be passionate and fanatic. So, I can take it. It's all in good fun," Taylor told SI All Lions in a recent interview. "I hope that the Lions are great this year. I genuinely do hope that. I'm not one of those people that, just because you guys are picking on me, I hope that they lose. I hope that the Lions are great."

After Taylor conceded on social media to fans defending their team, Colin Cowherd took to the airwaves on Wednesday, and ripped the Lions yet again. 

"The Lions have come out with a new hat. Look at it. It's got an L for losers," Cowherd said. The losingest franchise in pro sports has a giant L on their hat."

Even though social media is oftentimes divisive and quite the cesspool of nastiness, fans of the Lions seem to have rallied together in defense of the organization. 

It will be interesting to observe how long the united stance continues. 

I would wager it ends following the first interception thrown by new Detroit quarterback Jared Goff.