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Grading Dan Campbell's Appearance on "The Rich Eisen Show"

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell was a guest on "The Rich Eisen Show" Friday

When new Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is scheduled for a media interview, it should not be missed.

On Friday, Campbell was a guest on Peacock's "The Rich Eisen Show." 

In a near 20-minute interview, Campbell was asked about getting into coaching, playing for Bill Parcells, his thoughts on Jared Goff and what the Lions' plans are for the No. 7 pick in this year's draft. 

Here are the highlights from Friday's interview.

Why he got into coaching

Originally, Campbell thought that he would not enter into coaching, after seeing the significant number of hours coaches put in when he was a player in the NFL. 

"Something that really sparked it for me was my second season in the NFL. It was in the summer, and a buddy of ours had a youth football camp in Pennsylvania and asked us to work it. 

"The tight end has got no business really being out there," Campbell explained. "He can't really get off the line of scrimmage. I watched a couple of reps, and then I just grabbed the kid and coached him up on a couple of things to get off of the line. He did it to a tee, and he crushed the kid. Got open, and caught his first ball. The look on his face, I'll never forget."

Bill Parcells story

Campbell explained that his relationship with Sean Payton is how he landed with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. 

Detroit's new head coach explained that Parcells wanted "hard-nosed" and "competitive" players. 

In practice, a backup defensive end and backup defensive tackle kept tussling following reps. 

Parcells then went on to tell the players that if they kept tussling he would invite them to fight in front of the team. 

After a third time tussling, Parcells blew the whistle, and called the players over to take off their helmets to fight in front of the team. 

Neither one of the players could throw a punch, and both ended up having to run to the fence for disrupting practice. 

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Impressions of Jared Goff

Campbell noted that Goff oftentimes performed well when the Saints played the Rams. 

He recalled plenty of high scoring games that saw Goff stand in the pocket, take hits and still execute at a high level, despite the Saints having a solid defense. 

"When he gets hot, he's as good as anybody when he gets on a streak," Campbell said. "I think the kid is tough as nails. He is durable. He's won a lot of games. This guy has enough in there to certainly help us win games. We're pretty fired up to have the guy."

What the Lions will do with the No. 7 pick 

In a light-hearted moment, Campbell joked that the Lions would not select a special teams player in the first round of the draft. 

"I wouldn't normally do this, but because I like you Rich, I am going to do it. I will promise you this," he said. "We will not pick at No. 7 a kicker, a punter or a long-snapper. That's a promise. I know it's going to hit the media, it's going to be crazy. That's where we're at."

Campbell explained that while the team wants to win now, the goal is to pick the player that best fits the culture that is trying to be established by the front office. 

Grade: B+

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