The Easy Path for Lions to Earn Number Two Pick

John Maakaron

Now that the Lions have lost seven consecutive games, fans are paying attention to various draft scenarios. 

Actually, it is quite simple and possible for the Lions to select as high as number two in the 2020 NFL Draft. 

Here is how it can all come together. The Redskins, Dolphins and Giants are all ahead of the Lions. These teams need to just win one of their remaining two games and the Lions must lose out. 

The easiest path is for the Lions to lose out, while Miami defeats Cincinnati next week and Washington defeats the New York Giants. 

In week 17, the Giants must defeat the Eagles.

If the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Eagles next week and win the NFC East, the last game would be meaningless for Philadelphia.

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No. 1-1

It doesn’t matter. We will not draft chase young because he does not fit the Detroit Lions’ personnel. He’s too much of a bad ass.