Should Kerryon Johnson Sit Out until Next Season?

John Maakaron

Lions running back Kerryon Johnson does not want to sit out for the remainder of the year.

Johnson was injured in the first quarter at home against the Vikings in Week 7. He was subsequently placed on injured reserve, and has missed the last seven games.

In that stretch of time, Bo Scarbrough has emerged as a potential threat in the backfield. 

On Friday, Johnson was asked about returning to action this season and what it means to him.

"I did all this work in the offseason, all this work in the summer and I didn't do it to play five games," Johnson said. "Obviously, my goal every year is to play a full season." 

Johnson added, "Two seasons down, I'm 0-2. Getting to seven, six, whatever it may be, it's better than where I'm at now. I just like to play. I like to be out there with these guys. I'd like for these guys to see me play and be able to count on me. That's just what I love to do."

And what does he think about those fans who want to shut him down?

"This is my job," Johnson said. "Fans don't determine what I do. I love them, but they don't really have any input on what I do. They don't have to go through my life on a daily basis. If I don't go out there and perform, somebody else might come out and perform, and fans will be fans of that guy."

What do you think: Should Johnson shut it down, or should he return to the field when healthy? Voice your opinion by voting below. 

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Play so he can show what he is about. Who knows what happens next year, therefore it is important to show your talents any given Sunday when opportunity is there.