Lions Fans Are Split on Keeping Stafford for Future

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John Maakaron

Since Matthew Stafford was injured following the Lions' clash with the Raiders in Week 9, Detroit hasn't won a game. 

Four consecutive losses, to be exact. 

But something unexpected has occurred in the month Stafford has been on the sideline. 

The offense has played fairly well in his absence. 

There have been big plays, and points have been put up. 

Outside of Jeff Driskel's struggles against Washington in Week 12, the offense has kept the team in most games in the midst of the four-game losing streak.

It's the Lions' defense that has been the culprit this season. 

As a result, the discussion about Stafford's value has intensified. 

On Sunday morning, 97.1 The Ticket's Pat Caputo expressed that the Lions should tear it all down, and consider trading Stafford for multiple first-round picks. 

This has sparked an interesting debate online. 

Should the Lions consider moving on from Stafford in order to bolster the roster? 

Where do you stand? 

Feel free to leave a comment below to show your support of Stafford or to explain why the team should move on from the veteran passer. 

Here is a sample of the debate on Twitter that has ensued over the last month. 

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Get a true pass rusher especially since our HC and DC are too stubborn to manufacture pressure. Our secondary is getting killed because of this simple fact!! We need to draft a beast, not a tight end, not a tight end, not a tight end and unfortunately more offensive line. Mediocrity (Wagner, Dahl) wont cut it. We also missed out on a productive training camp, (injuries to D line across the board and holdouts, hurt us from day 1, Now that Flowers is in game shape he's producing. Daniels, Hand, Bryant, Harrison are not. Davis is not the answer, He means well but he is a liability mentally, horrible angles, missed coverages and tackles. My ideas: Pass rusher, like Bosa w first pick. Offensive right tackle through trade or free agency. Keep Marvin Jones. Sign another interior lineman to keep Staffords back from being broken again, and find a middle linebacker who can cover. The rest is gravy, CB, LB, tailback who is not brittle, etc. Did I mention to use our secound round pick on someone better than average.


Stafford had an incredible season going before his injury and is an elite QB, why would we're move on from him?! He isn't the problem folks, we need to do everything we can to hold on to him. Golden Tate said it...Stanford's the best he's played with. Look at the 1st round sure thing QBs who have been a total bust. Mariota, Griffin, Manziel, Rosen and the jury is still out on Murry, Mayfield, etc . ,