Kenny Golladay: 'I'm Confident, Period'

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John Maakaron

The NFL leader in touchdown grabs this season is Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay. 

With eight touchdowns, Golladay is also achieving feats that haven't taken place in decades. 

In each of the last three games, Golladay has caught a touchdown pass of 40 yards or more. This feat has not been accomplished since 1931.

In the first 35 games of his career, his performance has placed him among some elite company. 

In Friday's media session, Golladay was asked about his confidence level and whether or not he felt it was at its highest point since he entered the league.

"I am confident, period," Golladay said. "Coming into the league, I was confident. It was mostly just getting a grasp of the game at this level."

Does his confidence grow each year?

"Definitely. At the same time, I feel like you get more comfortable with the scheme that you are in," Golladay said. "The coaches, they know exactly what you can do. So, they set you up and put you in good positions. That is the good part about establishing yourself a little bit." 


Golladay is definitely interested in how many balls are thrown his way. 

“I’m not going to lie. I look at targets,” he said. “But I also look at not just how many targets I got. I kind of want to make sure it don’t be like 10 targets and two catches." 

Stafford vs. Driskel

Backup Jeff Driskel will be making his second consecutive start of the season on Sunday. 

It will be his home debut at Ford Field, and it will come against the Dallas Cowboys.

Detroit is hoping the connection between Driskel and Golladay can be improved this week. 

Last week, Golladay only caught three passes on nine targets.

Driskel, in his defense, discovered that he was starting against the Bears in Week 10 late in the week. 

This week, however, he has taken the majority of first-team reps with the receiving corps he will be targeting on Sunday.

“It’s probably a little bit better for him, a little bit more comfortability," Golladay said. "He’s got a better feel of the game plan. That’s huge for someone who pretty much somewhat got thrown in last week unexpectedly." 

Golladay was complimentary of Stafford's ability to make plays outside of the pocket, and also acknowledged that Driskel "has wheels."

"He really keeps the play alive a little bit longer," Golladay commented. "Scrambling around the whole time. Second chances, really. Like I said, Stafford does a pretty good job at it, too."

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