Impeachment Hearings to Begin: Quinn and Patricia Should Be Fired

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John Maakaron

At least the Lions are not as bad as the Redskins. 

That is the sentiment that was echoed by Detroit fans all week long, ahead of the Lions' Week 12 contest in Washington. 

Many fans even took advantage of the ridiculously low ticket prices at FedEx Field to go and experience the matchup in person.

Well, after all the buildup to the lackluster matchup, it is now official: The Lions are as bad as the lowly Redskins that came into the game at 1-9 and in complete disarray.

With the Lions' 19-16 loss to the Skins, their season has officially imploded. 

There was not enough in the tank from Matt Patricia & Co. on Sunday to muster a quality performance against a very downtrodden and beaten up version of the Skins. 

Miscues, penalties, questionable clock management and a backup quarterback that became very reckless late in the game all reared their ugly head.

The Lions are an injury-ridden football squad devoid of a real identity and devoid of impactful, high-end talent. 

Bob Quinn's near-four full seasons as general manager have been marred by numerous mistakes made in terms of draft strategy and free agent dollars allocated to players that haven't lived up to the bill. 

His most egregious mistake may be that he hasn't built a quality-enough offensive line to keep Matthew Stafford upright and healthy. 

Many of his decisions the last two offseasons have taken the organization in the wrong direction. 

The end of the Quinn and Patricia regime should come at the end of this season. 

Patricia was brought in to take over for veteran head man Jim Caldwell, one of the most successful head coaches in franchise history. 

The intention was for Patricia to work in lock step with Quinn to change a losing culture and instill what some have dubbed as "The Patriot Way."

Yet, from year one to year two, Patricia's defense has actually performed worse. 

It appears that his message has not been well-received by players inside the Lions locker room. 

Poor execution, questionable clock management, awful special teams play from time to time and poor fundamentals all are a byproduct of the head coach. 

There are no signs that the team is getting better in any facet of the game. 

Going into Thanksgiving, the Lions have zero chance of postseason play. 

And to make matters worse, it appears that some in the locker room have become upset with the regime's desire to "control the message" and to curtail players' personalities.  

All of this added up, it's time for Detroit owner Martha Ford to move on from the pairing of Quinn and Patricia. 

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Maybe it’s time for the Ford family to sell the team, get new blood and money in Detroit. Nothing seems to have worked so far. What could happen, we could loose more?