Matt Patricia: "They are Going to Have to Throw Me Out"

John Maakaron

Matt Patricia is aware of the immense stress that is associated with the coaching profession. 

Following the Lions seventh consecutive loss, discussion around Metro-Detroit has centered around the job status of both General Manager Bob Quinn and Patricia. 

At this point, reporters and media members are analyzing the body movements of key figures involved in the decision-making at Ford Field. 

Yesterday, Patricia had an extended conversation with Lions upper management prior to the game against the Buccaneers.

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The near 20-minute conversation has produced speculation by some that Patricia is likely to return based on the casual nature of the chat with Lions ownership and management.

Patricia was asked Monday during his media session how he handles the constant uncertainty that comes with the coaching profession.

Patricia explained, "For me, one of the things you realize pretty quick when you get in the game of football, coaching is a tough profession. Playing is a tough profession. It is a mindset you just develop early on." 

He added, "When I was in other places, part of the thing that makes me me is I go in to work every single day trying to earn my job that day. I would go in and make sure my key card worked and I was in the building and I was ok. Most of the reason why I don't leave the building is that they are going to have to throw me out, like I have said before. That is all you can control is your effort that day, your drive that day to be better as a player, as a coach, as a team and that is all I really worry about."


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