Matthew Stafford's Career Could Be Affected Due to Back Injury

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John Maakaron

Matthew Stafford will be missing his third straight game when the Lions take on the Redskins. 

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Sunday that Stafford is "maniacal" about returning to action this season. It has been reported that the Lions have considered shutting him down for the rest of the 2019 season. 

A very concerning piece of information was also revealed in Schefter's report.

"With the fractures in Stafford's back, surgery is not considered an option. The injuries are potentially chronic, and Stafford knows he could be dealing with the pain that he has had that dates back to last season for years to come.

But Stafford still wants to return to play this season, despite knowing the pain involved.

It's unlikely he will be able to return in time for the Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Bears, but nobody is ready to rule Stafford out of that game just yet."

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Worst news, hope he can get back out there and the injury isn't career altering