SI Lions Maven Predictions: Lions-Vikings

John Maakaron

Logan Lamorandier

Blough and the Lions offense will put up some points against a struggling Vikings defense. 

Unfortunately, the Vikings offense will have it's way with the Lions defense. 

No matter how many points the Lions offense will be able to muster, their defense will allow more. It it's not one thing, it's another with the defense. Vikings 31, Lions 17

Adam Strozynski

The Minnesota Vikings are 5-0 at home this season and are on the cusp of securing a playoff berth.

If Green Bay gets tripped up down the stretch, the Vikings could take the NFC North.

Detroit, on the other hand, is limited due to massive injuries on both sides of the ball. This season, the Lions have only won on the road once. 

Minnesota is playing for too much and Detroit doesn't have ammunition to compete in this one. Expect big games from Dalvin Cook and Stefon Diggs. Big win for Minnesota this week. Vikings 45, Lions 17

Lance Caporossi

The Detroit Lions started the losing early by being fined $110,000 by the league and it will continue Sunday. 

David Blough will have to have a turnover free game for the Lions to have any chance against the Vikings. Good luck against this defense. 

However, there is one thing working against the Vikings and that’s playing on a short week. 

If the Lions were competent enough franchise they would find away to take advantage of this, but we all know they won’t. Vikings 27, Lions 13

John Maakaron

One month to go. Not much to play for other than pride, getting experience for younger players and putting something good on film for the veterans. 

Hopefully, the Lions do not mess around. Winning actually hurts the Lions tremendously. The only positive thing going for them is a high draft pick! Let's be consistent and lose this one. Vikings 26 Lions 24

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