Amid Talk of Staff Changes, Paul Pasqualoni Still Feels Lucky

Paul Pasqualoni's undivided attention is on preparing for the Broncos

In addition to announcing their decision on general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia, the leadership of the Lions also discussed their thoughts on the 2019 season and what will be expected heading into next year. 

Disappointment at the plight of the current team was expressed, as well as the expectation that changes will be made to Patricia's staff. 

The two coaching positions that are likely to experience turnover heading into next season are the defensive coordinator and special teams coach.

"My concern right now is getting ready to play the Denver Broncos and giving my full undivided attention to this game," Detroit defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni said Tuesday.

Pasqualoni added, "I’ve always looked at a season -- regardless of if it’s college or the NFL -- as one-week seasons. We’ve got two one-week seasons to go, (so) let’s focus on the first one. First things first, it’s the most important game of the year because it’s our next game. That’s where my attention and my focus is."

If there is a change of focus, Pasqualoni said it is not on his job status. 

Instead, it is on his family. 

He acknowledged that his job preparing the defense and his family are what he currently focuses on.

Separating his personal life from his football career has become easier for Pasqualoni. 

He expressed Tuesday that his family is very supportive, and he feels lucky because his family is so heavily involved and active in sports.

“I’m a lucky guy because my wife and my kids, they love football. They love sports. They love being active," he said. 

"They just love being a part of (it) -- regardless, if it was youth football, high school football or basketball or lacrosse. My oldest son plays lacrosse at Bryant University for (Bryant head lacrosse coach) Mike Pressler. We love that. My second boy is at BC (Boston College), trying to play tight end (and) coming back from a really tough knee injury from last spring ball. So, I’m lucky, in the fact, that they love it, they’re into it (and) they’re so supportive of what I do. To be honest with you, we have a lot of fun with it. It makes it very, very special.” 


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