Radio Host Mike Valenti Has Lions Drafting QB Joe Burrow in Shocking Mock Draft

John Maakaron

Detroit radio host Mike Valenti entertained listeners of his Friday afternoon radio show with the release of his NFL mock draft.

Valenti had been against creating his own mock draft, but decided to release an audio version due to pressure from his work colleagues. 

To the shock of everyone, the longtime Detroit sports radio host started his 2020 mock draft by having the Cincinnati Bengals select Tua Tagovailoa with the No. 1 overall pick. 

With the No. 2 overall pick, defensive end Chase Young went to the Washington Redskins. 

Even more shocking was Valenti's decision for the Lions with the No. 3 overall selection. 

He had Detroit select former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. 

Valenti explained the selection by telling his radio audience:

"The league is about quarterbacks and I, unlike Bob Quinn, I am a man of principle. At No. 3, I am getting one of the top three players in this draft. Joe Burrow gives me the ability to set up this franchise for the next 10 years. Unleash myself, unchain myself from Matthew Stafford if I so choose as soon this upcoming offseason -- and I still get to win in the short term with Matthew Stafford as my starter. If the season goes off the rails, go get 'em Joe Joe becomes my starter."

Burrow had one of the best seasons in NCAA history in 2019.

He possesses the ability to make all the throws necessary to become elite in the NFL.

Sitting behind Matthew Stafford for a season would only enhance his chances of success as Detroit's new franchise passer come 2021.

The remaining top 10 picks made by Valenti: 

No. 4 (NYG): OT Tristan Wirfs

No. 5 (MIA): QB Jordan Love

No. 6 (LAC): QB Justin Herbert

No. 7 (CAR): LB Isaiah Simmons 

No. 8 (ARI): OT Mekhi Becton

No. 9 (JAX): CB Jeff Okudah

No. 10 (CLE): OT Andrew Thomas

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I heard that live - Very entertaining

Best to all
Best to all

Mike, a bold way to go. Given, that AJ Green stuck around, the overall talent of Burrows and his cerebral purity and maturity, Cincy cannot pass him up.


Even if the Bengals draft Burrows, as they should, the Lions should draft Tua. It’s time to move on from Stafford.


Surprising to say the least, don’t think it happens


It is interesting for sure. Could the Bengals really be that high on Tua? They would never hear the end ofnit from the fan base to miss on Burrow. He is a relative local to Cinci. He will put butts in seats.


First glance it seems rediculous . But given a send to think about and yea