Three and Outs Hurt Lions Offense Against Minnesota

John Maakaron

Despite the defense keeping the Lions in the game against the Vikings, the offense was not ever really able to get into rhythm. Four offensive drives against the Vikings resulted in three-and-outs. Two others ended with third string quarterback David Blough throwing interceptions.

Blough impressed and surprised many in his debut effort for the Lions. Many were hoping for a repeat performance against the Vikings. 

Unfortunately for Blough and the Lions, he struggled mightily and his inexperience was on display. 

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He held on to the football too long, which allowed Minnesota's defense to take advantage. He took several sacks in spots where he could have just thrown the ball away.

After the game, Blough expesssed, “I can’t put us in the position of taking those sacks. I can’t leave those linemen out to dry in some of those. Five (sacks) is five too many. I can’t hold the ball too long. It didn’t help our chances. We could have got points at a crucial time in the game.”

“Well I mean, obviously give credit to Minnesota. They did a good job with their game plan," Matt Patricia said Monday discussing the Lions offensive struggles. 

Patricia acknowledged Blough's inexperience and expressed that it is important for the offense to put themselves in manageable situations.

"Certainly, I think the biggest thing for us right now is to go back and make sure our communication on those situations, especially where we had some free runners, to make sure that’s all kind of on point and solid from that standpoint," Patricia said. 

He added, "It’s important for us to stay on track throughout the course of the drive and make sure that we’re putting ourselves in manageable situations, and just kind of going back and basic fundamental stuff that we have to do better in those situations and handle the environment. Like I said, it’s the first time for him (Blough) in that deal.”

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