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Dear Aaron Rodgers, Take the Money and Run!

Why Aaron Rodgers should sit out the 2021 NFL season.

Dear Aaron Rodgers, 

What more do you have left to prove?

After your illustrious 16-year NFL career, do you really want to come back for another season and grind it out for the Green Bay Packers?

It is likely the organization has already given backup quarterback Jordan Love your parking spot. 

Even though you are probably wrestling with a tough decision, when you crunch all the numbers, your decision should be quick and decisive. 

Take the money and run! 


The benefits of you opting out of 2021 far outweigh the costs. You would not have to forfeit $11.5 million in unearned signing bonus money.

Also, you would still likely keep the payments, totaling $6.8 million for being on the Packers' roster. 

In totality, that is $18.3 million that you get to keep for not getting hit by several of the talented defensive linemen in the NFC North. 

Remember, if you do not opt out and decide to hold out, you lose that $18.3 million, and could be fined up to $2 million for skipping training camp.

That's $20 million in really good reasons to opt out. 

Your stint guest hosting Jeopardy has been among the highest rated of all who have attempted to replace the legendary Alex Trebek. 

Who needs to worry about Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell trying to bite your knee caps? 

You know he was talking about you, don't you!

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The Packers have shown you a level of disrespect that is unbecoming of your stature in the game. 

If your head coach does not trust you enough to go for it in the playoffs, who can they really trust?  

Kicking that field goal late in a pivotal moment of a hard-fought playoff game must still resonate with you. 

The Buccaneers were not the better team and just got lucky in winning the NFC Championship Game. 

It is time to enjoy a 12-month-long vacation away from the NFL. 

Let the Packers know of your decision, and let's start this Fourth of July weekend off on the right foot. 

I think a trip to Greece at this time of year is a spectacular idea. 

I will text you a really great travel agent who will ensure that you and your traveling party will not have to lift a finger.

Take the money and run!

It was nice knowing you. 

Best of luck in your future endeavors. 

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