Will Matt Patricia Change His Defensive Scheme?

John Maakaron

You would be hard-pressed to find many people outside of the Detroit Lions' Allen Park practice facility who support what has occurred so far this season on defense. 

Detroit was seemingly gashed by the Green Bay Packers on several occasions in both the run game and in the pass game. 

The final result was a 42-21 loss to Green Bay that has left everybody wondering and debating if Lions head coach Matt Patricia will make any drastic changes to a defense that has struggled to execute at a high level since his arrival.

"Run defense is something that I'll talk about day one when we start installing. There's a lot of work that goes into run defense and getting everybody on the same page and trying to get better. We've got to improve," Patricia explained Monday in a video conference with Detroit media.

"We know that we played some teams that have good run games and have good backs. But, we have to go out and execute better and have to learn the fundamentals and the technique, and we've got to improve," Patricia explained further. "The good thing is that there's enough flex in our defense where we do change the front and the looks and the styles and the techniques based on what we need to do that week to win. And sometimes, it may not be noticeable on film, but we are doing things a little bit different. Sometimes, we've got to go back to just making sure we're doing the basic things right, and sometimes, that's the case more so than trying to do more different."

Is the defense predictable?

Patricia also addressed on Monday the notion that his defense has become predictable, based on the lack of pressure facing the opposing quarterback. 

While the defense has not recorded many sacks, there have been certain instances in which the dialed-up pressure has been successful. 

But, for Patricia's defense, don't expect a drastically altered scheme on Sundays. 

The team continues to rally around the notion of executing better and tightening up fundamentals. 

"We have thrown quite a few pressures in there. We do try to mix that in. You're trying to do everything you can to win that particular play. Certainly, we do a lot on defense at times, and sometimes we don't, based on the guys that are on the field and how much we think they can handle. I think in the end, it is about good fundamentals," he said. "If you just build things around scheme without fundamentals behind it -- at some point, everything hurts, and those fundamentals are what you always go back to, especially late in the game. If you're tired, if you're run down or you've been on the field a long time, that muscle memory, those fundamentals are things that you rely on as a player. And that's what we got to get better at."

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Patricia is too be fired!


Something has to change... Losing 11 games in a row is a big problem and has every indication it's not going to work.. So, how bout Patricia stop doing the definition of insanity.

John Maakaron
John Maakaron


The injuries to Trufant and Coleman killed the secondary already! Not enough depth is Bob Quinn's fault


There is no indication big changes will be made