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Al Holcomb Talks His Future as a DC, Facing Geno, What Burns Has Left to Prove + More

Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Al Holcomb previews this week's game against Seattle.

If this year's success will help become a full-time NFL defensive coordinator

"Not really sure. I'm not really in position to make those assessments right now. I honestly, am just focused on going out to Seattle and getting this defense prepared to play well."

Biggest challenges facing Geno Smith

"Well, he has command of the offense. He's very comfortable in the system. He's got a big-time arm, strong arm. His accuracy -- he's very confident in his ability to deliver the ball. And then he's got some weapons on the perimeter. He's got really good skill players at the wide receiver position, at the tight end position, at the running back position, and the o-line is doing a good job in protection."

What Brian Burns has left to prove

"He can still improve a lot. He's had some opportunities on the field. Just being consistent with his pass rushes. As a coach, you're always looking at things from a detail standpoint, like, you can do this better, you can do that better. You can finish a little bit better in terms of your move. So, I think he would be the first to tell you that there's obviously room for improvement and he's not a finished product right now."

Thoughts on CJ Henderson

"I believe CJ has improved each and every week. It's constantly challenging guys each and every week based on opponent and what the matchups are. I believe he's getting to be more and more confident in his technique and his ability. And he's really starting to feel good about where he's at. So, from that standpoint, we're excited and we want to see him continue to progress each and every single week."

How unique DK Metcalf is

"He's big, he's strong, he's a tremendous competitor, and he has a great desire to get the football. He has a tremendous route tree. But his physical attributes, his mindset, and how he plays the game and how he attacks the ball in the air, how physical he is with the ball in his hands, all of those things, is to me, what separates DK from a lot of guys."

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