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The Carolina Panthers have two ascending, youthful wide receivers on their roster.

D.J. Moore is heading into his second season and he is primed for a spectacular season. But, their third-year receiver Curtis Samuel is the one making all of the noise this offseason. Samuel was drafted by the Panthers in the second round in 2017, and his progression this offseason has been noticeable across the league.

So, how does this all play into fantasy football?

Samuel hasn't been the go-to guy for your fantasy league yet -- after recording only 39 receptions, 494 yards and five touchdowns in his best season. Those numbers wouldn't fly for a flex player, unless the league you're in has more than ten people.

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Things will change this season for Samuel, and his tremendous offseason work has proved it. Samuel was by far the training camp MVP for the Panthers, and he consistently embarrassed any cornerback that matched up with him. He looked noticeably faster and stronger, and he has a good shot at taking Moore's role as the No. 1 receiver.

Not only does Samuel look significantly better -- the Panthers' offense is coming together. Despite the injury scare with Cam Newton, the Panthers have an improved offensive line, and the skill positions are all upgraded. Newton's shoulder appears to be back to normal, and this will open up countless opportunities for Samuel.

Samuel is projected to get picked around the No. 82 pick in most drafts, which would be a steal. He definitely shouldn't be looked at as a WR1 in fantasy leagues, but he'll add value as a WR2 in deeper leagues. He is widely discussed as a sleeper.

It's difficult to lock Samuel in as a fantasy draft pick without hard evidence that he will put up the numbers, but his offsesaon work and his ascending numbers in his first two seasons should give some assurance.