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Quick Hits: DJ Moore's Slow Start, Preparing for Kyler Murray, History with Kingsbury + More

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule met with the media Wednesday following practice.

Christian McCaffrey being on the injury report

"He didn't practice today as normal. Has a quad that he's dealing with so we'll know more tomorrow. We don't practice him on Wednesdays."

Thoughts on Kliff Kingsbury and coaching against him in the past

"I think Kliff is a tremendous football coach and offensive mind. It's a real challenge because he attacks you in so many different ways. He attacks you obviously with Kyler Murray. Attacks you with the run game - they have the NFL's number one running game right now. Great two-minute offense. They attack you with tempo. They attack you with the screen and perimeter game. And they attack you with play-action shots. Kliff can mold his system to the talent that he has and always finds a way to score a ton of points."

Evaluating Baker Mayfield's play

"I think Baker's going to play great this week. He's focused. He's prepared. I want to see the line play great. I want to see the receivers play great. I just want to see us complete balls because I think we have the playmakers to complete balls. I mean just take what the defense gives us and let's convert third downs. I think he had a good practice today. He'll have another good one tomorrow. To me, the challenge is that whole offensive group. Getting guys open."

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DJ Moore's slow start

"DJ is an excellent player and one of the key guys on our team. We want to get him involved. I think when you take that leap to being one of the elite players, people are going to pay a lot of attention to you. You have to really outwork people. As a coaching staff, we've got to find ways to get him the ball. Everyone else has to be playing at a high level and DJ has to continue to work the way he's doing to get open and make plays."

Preparing for Kyler Murray

"What Kyler did at the end of the game against the Raiders, it was absolutely magical. He's someone I competed against in college and have known for a long time. He can do it all. He can run. He can scramble to throw, he can scramble to run. He can do it all and he's fearless. I think the key for us is we've just got to focus on ourselves. We understand the problems but we can't be reckless and play timid. We have to rush Kyler like we do everybody else and we have to trust our coverage. He's one of the rare athletic players I've ever seen in my life. I mean, I saw him do things on the college football field that made me just want to walk off the field."

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