Roundtable: Should the Panthers Make Changes/Updates to Their Uniforms?

The Panthers might be due for a new look in the uniform department.
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Uniforms are always changing in both college football and in the NFL. However, the Carolina Panthers have pretty much had the same uniform design for their entire existence with some subtle changes here and there. 

For this week's All Panthers Roundtable, we discuss whether or not the Panthers should make any changes to their current uniforms.

Schuyler Callihan:

Personally, I dig the threads the Panthers are rocking right now. The only things I would change are getting rid of the sliver pants and making sure that the blue is consistent. It seems like every year the blue changes a different shade ever so slightly but you can tell when flipping back through pictures or heck, even on different areas of the uniform. A black helmet would be pretty slick but I think the silver needs to stay. Updating the number font and shoulder stripes would be something I would consider depending on what the new options were. 

Josh Altorfer:

Fellow NFC South teams like the Falcons and Buccaneers have altered their uniforms in recent years and not for the better. While I’m by no means a fashion expert, my advice is that you can never go wrong with a simple and clean look. I think the Panthers uni’s capture just that. There has been talk around the league that the NFL could relax its one helmet rule. If this were to happen, a matte black or matte white alternative shell could be a nice touch. As for the rest of the uniforms, my vote is to keep them as is.

Matt Welch:

The right uniforms can give the fan base a renewed hype and it obviously means likely new revenue with fans buying new gear. I’d like to see Carolina change the uniforms to get rid of the silver almost completely. Black and blue need to be more prominent and the silver sometimes muddles the colors in my opinion. Fans seemed to get on board with blue tops and white pants and that combo could carry a jersey transition when you add something like a black helmet. I wouldn’t even mind seeing a blue helmet for an alternate though it would need to be done perfectly. Even if no uniforms are changed, I think Carolina has one of the sharpest looks in the league.

Jason Hewitt:

The Panthers’ main home uniforms should be all black and their away uniforms should remain the same. The all-black threads are a fan favorite that look fantastic on the field. Plus, an all-black uniform would fit the whole “panther” idea really well. I would keep the blue jersey as an alternate, but I would combine that with black pants. That aesthetic would be ideal for one of the best color schemes in the NFL.

Tyler Ball:

I’m a big fan of the classic and clean look. If I were going to experiment with a part of the uniform I would opt for considering black or blue helmets. Especially when the team does the color rush all black or all blue which is always a crowd-pleaser.

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