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Report: Tom Brady, Family Are 'Planning to Leave the Area'

A report Thursday night provides further proof that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is getting ready to move elsewhere this offseason. The question that remains - where?

Earlier this week, there was a rumor swirling around that Tom Brady and his family had moved out of their home in Brookline, MA and moved into a new place in Greenwich, CT. It was also reported that Brady's suite at Gillette Stadium, where Gisele Bundchen and the rest of Brady's family watched the Patriots' home games, was cleaned out "in a way that it has never been cleaned out before." 

While another report refuted that there is no new home in Connecticut for Brady and his family, a third report has confirmed that the 42-year-old quarterback is preparing to change homes this offseason. 

According to Gary Tanguay of NBC Sports Boston, Brady and his family are "planning to leave the area" once the school year is over for his children. 

"I was told today by a source the family is planning to leave the area," Tanguay said on NBC Sports Boston's "Arbella Early Edition" Thursday evening. "The priority this time is to let the kids finish school this year, then they're gone."

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Tanguay's report doesn't confirm that Brady and his family are planning to leave New England. But what is does confirm is that the age-42 QB could be on the move this offseason, which, per Tanguay, will likely happen over the summer when Brady's kids are out of school. 

The decision to move elsewhere could be a tactic by Brady to scare the Patriots a bit into thinking he has no problem moving elsewhere this offseason if the organization doesn't give the future Hall of Famer what he wants, whether it be financially or other stipulations. Or, Brady could legitimately be planning a move to Connecticut where him and his family could live outside of Massachusetts and Brady could travel wherever he needs to travel for work, whether that be to Gillette Stadium or elsewhere. 

Though there have reportedly been no ongoing negotiations between Brady and the organization regarding a new contract up until this point, depending on how negotiations go over the next couple months could determine where Brady officially moves to, if he actually decides to move at all.