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Foster Moreau Takes Time to Reflect, Look Forward

Las Vegas Raiders tight end Foster Moreau takes time to reflect on his rookie season while looking ahead to 2020.

Second-year tight end Foster Moreau got the chance to go over several different subjects as the Las Vegas Raiders continue through training camp.

The first question centered on the progress of the offense so far through the camp, which Moreau stated has “gone really well.”

“Considering how much time we lost in the spring and the summer, I think we’ve really made great jumps,” Moreau said.

“Especially at the rookie-level, I think we’ve done an exceptional job. Being able to get everyone acclimated to the speed of which we expect guys to learn [has been good].

“It’s kind of a difficult offense to wrap your head around. There’s a lot of verbiages but I think guys have done a really good job of picking up on things and we’re flying around the field.”

Moreau was also asked about what lessons he learned from his rookie year that he’s taken into this year’s camp and what he would take into this season as a whole.

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Moreau started out by saying that in his rookie year he had “developed a really good routine every day that I learned to follow.”

“[I] did a great job in understanding where I needed to allocate my time during the week so I could be successful on Sundays," Moreau added. "I’ve kind of carried that thing over and added some new things into it.

“You learn how to watch to film better. You learn to recover efficiently. You know exactly what you want to do during the week and I think that’s invaluable as a player in knowing where to put your time.”

It certainly seems like Moreau is much more prepared to make an impact this season. Coming off a quiet but efficient rookie season, Moreau has the chance to surprise and help elevate the Raiders tight end corps to be one of the league’s best alongside Darren Waller and Jason Witten. 

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