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Tight End Foster Moreau: “I Developed a Good Routine”

Tight end Foster Moreau developed a solid routine for his foundation. He says it was the most valuable lesson from his rookie season.

Tight End Foster Moreau built a solid foundation in his rookie season.

Last season, in 13 games played, he caught 21 passes for 174 yards. He averaged 8.3 yards per reception. Moreau had an 84% completion rate when he was targeted.

He only missed the last three games due to an injury he was struggling with throughout the season.

Moreau was an absolute beast on the field who was reliable, someone quarterback Derek Carr could throw to for consistent yards for gain.

However, Moreau himself believes developing a good routine was the most valuable lesson he learned from his rookie season.

“I think in my rookie year, I developed a really good routine,” Moreau told reporters. “A really good routine every day that I kind of learned to follow and do a great job of understanding where I needed to allocate my time during the week in order to be successful on Sunday.”

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When football is watered down, it’s pretty much like anything else in life. A solid base foundation has to be built in order for a player to improve.

A good and healthy routine translates to a well-conditioned player. A well-conditioned player translates to a healthy player and more importantly, someone who is a threat to the opposition on the field.

A guy like Moreau who can fight for yards after he catches the ball, apply pressure on offense and be a threat on the field is a valuable asset for the Silver and Black as the Raiders try to return to their winning ways.

Ultimately, by having guys like Moreau on the team, on the field and healthy, not only can he continue to add depth to the tight end position, but he can help the Raiders offense as a whole.

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