Will Former Texan DE J.J. Watt Come to the Raiders?

Defensive end J.J. Watt was released by the Houston Texans on Friday. Will Watt join the Raiders?

As of last Friday, defensive end J.J. Watt is a free agent.

He’s one of the best defensive ends in the league right now who can really help support defenses.

Sounds almost like a perfect fit for the Silver and Black.

So, will defensive end J.J. Watt come to the Las Vegas Raiders?

There is a decent chance.

As I’ve reiterated plenty of times this offseason, the Raiders are on the cusp of reaching the salary cap.  It was Raider Maven Publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. who first reported of the coming salary cap apocalypse in the NFL.

With Watt being one of the “alpha” defensive players in the NFL, he won’t cheap if the Raiders decided to sign him.  The good news is that the Raiders' salary cap discipline, will have them millions below the cap with just a few precise cuts and potential trades.

On the upside, if Watt was to come to Las Vegas, defensive end Maxx Crosby will finally have another player comparable to his skills or better yet, a mentor on the team Crosby can learn from.

The question for the Raiders is how much is Watt worth and can their money override and opportunity to play with family.  Derek and T.J. Watt, both play on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Raiders have a new defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, this season. As for Watt, he isn’t interested in playing for a team going through a rebuild.

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