Raiders Roster Evaluations: Nevin Lawson

Veteran cornerback Nevin Lawson will be entering his third season with the  Raiders.

The 2021 NFL Draft is now behind us, and that means teams across the NFL are in the process of piecing together their entire rosters.

The Las Vegas Raiders are likely no different before what could be a pivotal fourth season of the second Jon Gruden era.

That's why we'll be going over roster evaluations for the Raiders players and position groups to see how everyone's stock measures up heading into the summer.

We've gone over the Raiders veteran options at cornerback recently, but we haven't yet mentioned the most tenured one on the roster. 

That would be Nevin Lawson, who was a fourth-round pick by the Detroit Lions in 2014. 

Entering his eighth season in the NFL, Lawson has been able to stick as a starter despite lacking in one key statistical area. 

Those would be interceptions, which despite having started 68 games in his career so far, he has not been able to snag one. 

Lawson does have 34 career pass breakups and multiple forced fumbles, so it's not as if he's never around the ball. 

Luck just hasn't found him yet in getting that first pick, and his advanced stats won't help a ton either. 

Going by Pro Football Focus, Lawson has been ranked as an above-average corner only once in his career, in 2016. 

Other than that, he's usually been in the 80-90 placement range for cornerbacks, ranking well below average. 

In two of the last three seasons, he has allowed fewer than 60 passes of passes to be completed to targets he's covering. 

Even with that, the passer rating opposing quarterbacks have when targeting him has been at least 103.7 in that same time span. 

Many would still say that the best ability is availability, though, and during his career, Lawson hasn't missed many games. 

That, combined with Lawson's accumulated experience, gives the Raiders a steady veteran presence to rely on whenever he's needed. 

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