Las Vegas Raiders Can’t Win Without the Rushing Game

One of the Raiders key ingredient for success is their rushing game. Running back Josh Jacobs struggled against the Buccaneers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lived up to their stats on Sunday.

Coming in with the best rushing defense in the NFL, they maintained that spot, limiting the Las Vegas Raiders ground game to a mere 76 rushing yards.

Running back Jalen Richard led with 24 rushing yards. As for running back Josh Jacobs, he had 17 yards in 10 attempts.

While finishing on the field as well as the defense have been issues for the Raiders, if the Silver and Black struggle with what they do best, they have no chance to win any football games.

Before last past Sunday, the fewest number of yards Jacobs ran for was 48 against the Buffalo Bills.

That game resulted in a seven-point loss for the Raiders.

Like it or not, the Raiders currently are a team that is dependent on the running game. When the passing game struggles, it’s Josh Jacobs and his power rushing to the rescue.

That rescue simply wasn’t there on Sunday.

So, the offense was halted.

That halt happened in the fourth quarter.

Tie that with a defense that has been struggling to stop the ball all season long and what ends up happening is a game that gets out of control.

While the Browns have a rushing defense that is good for fifth in the league, it’ll still be a tough battle for the running game situation.

If the Raiders want any hope of a win, it starts with this: get the ball running with Jacobs. 

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