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Chiefs Tyreek Hill vs. Raiders Henry Ruggs in a Foot Race?

Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill and Las Vegas Raiders Henry Ruggs are two of the fastest players in all of football, but who would win in a foot race?

Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill wants to challenge players who had a faster 40-time than him at the NFL Scouting Combine.

It might have started when people's egos were challenged after Madden 21 ratings came out earlier this month.

Shortly after the release, a video went viral on Terrell Owens and Hill's social media pages, racing a 40-yard-run for fun.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Hill asked who his biggest competition was, and Hill quickly called out Raiders rookie Henry Ruggs III.

Would we soon see who truly is the fastest player in the NFL?

Hill, whose nickname is "Cheetah" is regarded as the fastest player in the NFL. In 2016, Hill recorded a 4.29 time when he ran the 40-yard dash.

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Ruggs was the fastest player of the Combine this past February with a time of 4.27.

Since then, Ruggs has received a lot of attention and has become Hill's biggest competitor.

It's not the first time Ruggs has been challenged to a race, as earlier this month, a pool on social media asked who would win between Ruggs and teammate Rico Gafford II.

While the Raiders players have made discussions, Gafford went on Twitter and posted: "Maybe we can make that happen for the fans."

Ruggs would shortly respond: "Whenever u ready lmk (Let Me Know)."

While no discussions have been made between Ruggs and Hill, if and when it happens, it can settle who truly is the fastest player in the NFL.

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