Answering Your Raiders, NFL Questions

Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven Publisher Hondo S. Carpenter answers the Silver and Black fans' questions each week in our weekly mailbag.

Henderson, Nev.--There is no fan base in the National Football League hungrier for information on their team than the Raider Nation. That is why each week, we offer a buffet of Silver and Black information as we answer your questions and emails as it pertains to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Hondo, I am curious, how confident you are that Josh Jacobs will play on Monday night?  --Larry R.

I know that they would like him to play.  I know that he wants to play.  While I expect that he will, I am not expecting him to be a thirty-plus carry guy.

Hondo, what is the biggest story with this team so far?  So many options, what do you think is the biggest?  --C.T.

No doubt that would be Gus Bradley and the defense.  The offense was top-10 last year, the defense was so bad, their improvement tells the story.

Hondo, if you had to pick a defensive MVP this year, I know it's only three games, who would you pick?  --Victor N.

Denzel Perryman to me is a no-brainer.  I know how great Maxx Crosby has been, but to me, Perryman has been the enforcer that the Raiders haven't had since Khalil Mack.

Hondo, do you have a prediction on the Raiders vs. the Chargers on Monday Night?  --Lori A.

I think this is another Daniel Carlson field goal game, and the Raiders win another....cough-cough...home game.

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