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In Denver, Derek Carr Can Take Command

There is no doubt anymore, the Las Vegas Raiders are Derek Carr's team, and now is the time for him to take command.

Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr is ready to lead his team back to the division's top.  Carr is an elite quarterback, and now is his time to shine.

Carr has been the leader in the Raiders locker room for many years, and in troubled times he has been the one to carry the team on his back.

"I have a job to do and that's to lead these men, especially now," Carr said. "They need a leader more than ever and my job is to lead them with my actions like I always have and my voice.

"We're 3-2. We have everything out in front of us that we've wanted from the beginning."

As the Raiders prepare to take on the Denver Broncos in a crucial divisional game on Sunday, the play-calling voices will change. Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson will take over as the Raiders play-caller.

Olson has experience calling plays with Carr. Familiarity is what helps Carr feel comfortable going onto the field this weekend.

"Yeah, I think we're going to Wing T, triple-option football, ball control," Carr joked. "Just try to run the quarterback as much as we can in the middle (laughter).

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"I think there are things set in place with our offense. I've been with Oly (Greg Olson). In my rookie year he called plays. I've heard his voice through the headset. I know how he calls the game and I know how he thinks. We're in the same room."

On or off the field, Olson has been there the whole time, with Jon Gruden, Carr, and now with Senior Offensive Assistant John Morton.

"It's not going to be anything crazy new but there are philosophies that some people have. So, I don't want to give Oly's secrets away, but could things be different? Yes. Could things be similar? Yes, absolutely.

"But if Denver is listening, we are probably just going to run the ball the whole time," Carr said sarcastically about the potential game plan against the Broncos.

Having that familiar voice when calling plays should help the Raiders push the ball forward this Sunday and for the rest of the season.

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