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Answering Your Las Vegas Raiders Questions: Will Jacobs Return?

We take time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Las Vegas Raiders, and many of you had questions about: "Will Josh Jacobs be back?"

HENDERSON, Nev.--The Las Vegas Raiders have one of the most passionate fan bases in all of professional sports.

Each week we endeavor to answer the emails and questions that you send us. So let's get right at this week's mailbag:

Hondo, do you think Nate Hobbs and Josh Jacobs will play this week? --Ray B.

Yes, both.

Hondo, when Darren (Waller) and Hunter (Renfrow) get off of the IR next week, do you expect them to play? --K. Plant

I do not expect Darren to play next week, maybe 25 percent possible, and I would put Hunter Renfrow at 60 percent that he will play.

Hondo, what is your thought process on Josh Jacobs, and where do you think he will play next year? Will he return to the Raiders? --Craig D.

I was told by someone close to the situation: "The organization (Las Vegas Raiders) would love to have Josh Jacobs back in 2023, and Josh has made it clear to the organization that he would like to be back. It is all about the numbers."

Hondo, I heard you on the radio say that there are multiple scenarios where you see Josh Jacobs back in the Silver and Black. You said you expected him back. Could you share some of those scenarios? Thanks for your great work. --Jose T.

I do expect him back. Indeed, the franchise tag would be in play, but a three-year deal is probably more pertinent. The deal may be for more than three years, but I only expect the franchise's commitment to be for three, with options they can pick up. There are many ways to circumvent with roster, and workout bonuses have a significant impact.

Hondo, do you think the problems on defense are chemistry/coach or roster/talent? --Matt Swift

Talent. The Raiders have an excellent offense, but the defense of talent is concerning. The cupboard is NOT bare, but it is far from complete.

Hondo, what do you think are the odds that the Raiders will take a QB in the first round of the draft? --Joshua C.

Odds? Maybe five percnt and I think that is high based on where they are RIGHT NOW.

Mr. Carpenter, I follow you because I have the utmost respect for you and your work. I recall you asking Graham about the 0-15 red zone stops, as that was the type of question I am always looking for! --John S.

Thank you, John. It was a very fair question, and I am certain so did Josh and Patrick. These are honorable, good men who understand that tough questions are part of the process.

Hey Hondo, as I assume, most fans are incredibly frustrated with Darren Waller this year. With this being a lost season, shouldn't the staff just shut him down for the entire year? That way, there are no excuses next season. --Thanks, Sam M.

That is a fair question, and I would not shut him down and make him play, so he gets reps in this system.

Hey Hondo, as bad as our OL has looked, our defense has been even worse, and Carr throwing to Adams alone has shown we can outscore even the best teams through a half of football. Will the coaches change their mindset of we play? Excited to hear your thoughts. --Thanks! Wyatt C.

I think the team is collectively coming together. There is no doubt that the defense is the weak link, but the entire team is grasping the effort it takes each week.

Hondo, I enjoy your work. I have been a Derek Carr supporter since he entered the league, and I believe he gets an unfair amount of backlash when things start to go south. I think it would be a mistake for the regime to pull the plug and move on after this year for a number of reasons. There are a number of other positions to upgrade and spend money and draft capital on before getting to the QB. --Jon C.

I agree. I wrote last year that I expect them to draft a QB every season. That is the New England Patriots way, now the Las Vegas Raiders way of developing guys, but I agree about moving on.

Dear Mr. Carpenter, I am not an absolute fanatic of Raiders. I have been following the team for more than two decades (from Hungary). I understand what you wrote about the coaches' work and plan to build the team for the future. Please let me understand it or explain it to me. Thank you for your answer in advance, and I appreciate your work which I like. --Sincerely yours, Imre Menyhart

Great to hear from you. Your email from Hungary indeed shows the reach of Raider Nation. I have great friends in Hungary, and I love your country. I can explain your question as well. Mark Davis challenged Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler to build a sustainable, winning franchise. So every decision they made this year was not just about this season but was based on a long-term view.

Hondo, I feel like we see a pattern with Carr. He seems to need time to acclimate to a new offense and is a "game manager" until he learns the system and can get comfortable. In the First four years with Gruden's offense, the Raiders went 3, 6, 8, and 10 in wins, and Carr's play got consistently better each year. Thoughts? --Joel K.

At crucial positions, especially the QB position, there is a ton to master. Josh wanted to coach Derek Carr and likes Derek, and in this case, I think the issue is more the teammates of Derek getting the system than Derek.

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