Rams CB Jalen Ramsey on facing Seahawks: "We want all the smoke"

L.A.'s Pro Bowl cornerback wants more snaps on DK Metcalf
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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Jalen Ramsey would like nothing more than to see DK Metcalf on every snap lined up across from him when the Los Angeles Rams face the Seattle Seahawks on the road in the opening round of the NFC Wild Card round Saturday.

Asked about teammate Aaron Donald’s comments on wanting to face Seahawks in the playoffs, Ramsey had this to say:

“Yeah, for sure. I want whoever,” Ramsey said. “I want all the smoke. Whoever y’all want to put there, I’m good with it. So yeah, they’re the next people, and we knew it was a possibility for it to be them. So yeah, we want all the smoke.”

Ramsey also understands scheme dictates whether the two find each other on the field, and he’s okay with that -- kind of. Ramsey said his potential matchup with Metcalf will be the first time he’ll face a receiver three times in one season in the NFL.

In the first matchup, a Week 10 contest at SoFi Stadium, Ramsey lined up across from Metcalf on 30 of 42 routes (71 percent), allowing zero receptions on two targets, per Next Gen Stats. Metcalf finished with just two receptions for 28 yards and the Seahawks lost 23-16.

In the last game between the two, a Week 16 contest in Seattle at Lumen Field, Ramsey shadowed Metcalf on 23 of 35 routes (66%), allowing just one reception for 11 yards on 2 targets, according to Next Gen Stats.

However, the Seahawks moved Metcalf around the formation more often, shaking him loose from Ramsey and allowing the big-bodied receiver to be more effective. Metcalf finished with six receptions for 59 yards and Seattle won 20-9.

Metcalf moving around more did not go unnoticed by Ramsey.

“I feel personally it should be like big on big,” Ramsey said. “If you believe you have a top guy, and I’m looked at as a top guy, we should be matched up against each other a fair amount of times, as you’ve seen what happens with other teams. The Cardinals game for example, it was me and D-Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) matched up a lot of the times, and the first matchup in the Seahawks game, it was that way -- me and DK matched up across each other a lot of the times.

“That’s what I would like to see, selfishly. I feel like that’s what the game should be, and what fans would like to see. And most competitors would seek that out, ask for that. And I’m not saying he didn’t at all because I think he’s an extreme competitor, but their game plan was not to do that. Their game plan was to do something differently, which was clear to see.”

However, Ramsey also acknowledged that the Seahawks were successful in their game plan for Metcalf and the bottom line at this point of the season is winning games.

“They felt it was in the best interest of their offense and their team to move him around in different areas, so he could take advantage of opportunities potentially he had, and they could help their team get a win,” Ramsey said. “You could say they were effective in doing that. So, now we have to find a way to combat that, and that’s another challenge for us is that they do have a guy who’s able to move around and play on the outside, in the slot and in different positions on the offense and is being used to the best of his ability, and the best of his talent.”

Ramsey was asked about the possibility of matching up with Tyler Lockett if he gets hot on Saturday. Both Metcalf (1,303) and Tyler Lockett (1054) finished with 1,000 receiving yards during the regular season.

“It’s the playoffs, so I’m going to do whatever it takes,” Ramsey said. “Whatever the coaches thing is best for me to do this week for us to get a win, and that’s guarding whoever, doing whatever I have to do on Saturday to help this team get win, no matter what it may be.”

Ramsey also shared his thoughts on watching the attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

“It’s a shame,” Ramsey said. “And that’s kind of being nice about it. … But I won’t let that get me too mad and stop me from trying to make a positive difference where I can in the areas that I feel are important in my life, and other people’s lives.

“I will continue trying to help the youth because that’s who I think is going to change all of this around eventually one day. That’s what I believe. So, I’ll continue doing what I believe in, and encouraging others to do that as well. And most importantly, praying for everybody and praying for America.”