Sammy Watkins Dispels Myth Wide Receivers Don't Want to Play for Ravens

Baltimore added veteran this offseason.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Sammy Watkins has confidence in the Ravens' ability to throw the football.

So, when he became a free agent this offseason, Baltimore immediately became a potential landing spot. 

There was talk this offseason the Ravens would struggle to land a free-agent wide receiver because of their run-oriented offense. 

However, Watkins is not concerned about his role in the offense with Lamar Jackson at quarterback. 

"I’m not going to worry about where that ball goes. If we run the ball every play and win games, and that’s what it takes, [then] that’s what we have to do," Watkins said. "But having that experience in his offense before, he does a lot of different things to mix it up. If you can … If we can maximize and get better at the passing game and throw a little bit more, kudos to it. But if we can line up and Lamar [Jackson] run the ball and let all these other great running backs in the backfield tote us to playoffs or, hopefully, the Super Bowl – I’m down for it. 

"But I’m pretty sure they’re definitely trying to fix the passing game. It would definitely be fun to go in there, incorporating passing and letting Lamar show the ability that he does actually have in the passing game. That’s kind of what I want to come into, and hopefully, we get that job done.”

Watkins is looking forward to being reunited with Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman and recapture some of the success they enjoyed in Buffalo. Watkins had the best season of his career in 2015 with the Bills when he finished with 1,047 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

Watkins is confident he can continue that strong relationship in Baltimore. 

"There was one team that stuck out, and it was the Ravens and Lamar Jackson," Watkins said. "I heard too many great stories about just the team and the history of Baltimore. But I think when they hired one of my favorite guys that I train within the offseason, [pass game specialist] Keith Williams, and of course [offensive coordinator] Greg, the offensive coordinator who I worked early in my career at Buffalo, it was like, ‘Man, this will be a good fit.’ 

"They have a great team, and I think that they’re trying to get over that hump. I think it’s a great matchup for me and what I want to basically do, as far as my career, and what type of team I want to play for.”