Top 45 Players in the 2021 NFL Draft by Mike Detillier (1-10)

Mike Detillier's Top Rated 45 Players for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Mike D’s Top Rated 45 Players for the 2021 NFL Draft….

We are entering the final evaluation stages for the 2021 NFL draft, and as of now, here are Mike Detillier's top-rated 45 players. However, this is not necessarily how I believe they will be selected in April, but more where they are rated. 

Trevor Lawrence

1. Trevor Lawrence - Quarterback, Clemson

Trevor is the top player in the 2021 draft. Lawrence has all the physical and mental skills you are looking for, and he’s accurate, smart with the ball, mobile, and a leader. 

Penei Sewell

2. Penei Sewell - Offensive Tackle, Oregon

Sewell is a huge man that will be an anchor left tackle for 12 years in the NFL. Penei is a massive man with quick feet and set-up skills. Penei is also a big-time road grader as a run blocker. 

Zach Wilson - QB

3. Zach Wilson - Quarterback, Brigham Young

Wilson can flat-out sling it. Wilson is smart, and he throws well on the run. He’s very accurate with his throws and has 1st rate judgment skills with the ball. Zach’s ability to extend a play with his feet is also impressive. 

Justin Fields

4. Justin Fields - Quarterback, Ohio State

Fields ran a little hot and cold as a passer in 2020 for the Buckeyes, but he’s got a rifle for an arm, Justin has a quick release, he can put the ball in tight spots, and is double-tough as a player and leader. Justin is also a big-time threat as a runner. It will be quite a battle for the second quarterback selected. 

Ja'Marr Chase - Wide Receiver - LSU

5. Ja’Marr Chase - Wide Receiver, LSU

Smart, great set-up route runner, and Ja’Marr is so dangerous on the deep patterns. He has outstanding eye-hand coordination, and he is one elusive guy with the ball in his hands.

Chase caught 84 passes in 2019, and 20 of them went for TD’s. 

6. Kyle Pitts - Tight End, Florida

Pitts is the best pass-catching college TE. I have graded since Tony Gonzalez came out of California. Kyle has excellent size, a huge wingspan can make the difficult catch look easy, and his speed is tremendous for a big man. The man is scary good. 

7. DeVonta Smith - Wide Receiver, Alabama

DeVonta reminds me so much of Reggie Wayne (Indy Colts) when he came out of Miami (Fla.). He’s not the biggest or the bulkiest end, but he is a gamechanger with phenomenal eye-hand skills, times his leaps perfectly to make the grab, and he is a major league threat runner after the catch. Smith was literally unstoppable in 2020.

8. Trey Lance - Quarterback, North Dakota State

There will be great debate about Lance. He is physically what you are looking for in a quarterback with his size, strong arm, ability to take a hard shot in the pocket, and such a dangerous player as a runner. He will need some work on processing different defensive looks faster and some sharpening of his timing skills, but he is a special talent at QB.

9. Rashawn Slater - Offensive Tackle, Northwestern

Slater is the most technically strong offensive lineman in the draft class of 2021. He is not the lengthiest or the widest of the left tackle prospects, but he has super quick set-up skills, he gets his hands on you in a heartbeat, and he is a very physical player as a run blocker.

10. Micah Parsons - Outside Linebacker, Penn State

Micah is quite the athlete. He has 1st rate run/chase down skills, and his east-west running skills are extremely good. He is a bit overaggressive at times, and he will need some work on his pass coverage techniques, but in many ways, he reminds me a lot of Devin White (T.Bay Bucs) when he came out of LSU. He has some big-time potential as an edge pass rusher.