Let's Beef: Mike Tomlin Underrated Once Again

Noah Strackbein

Let's beef.

Somehow, the NFL continues to find ways to undervalue Mike Tomlin. The Steelers' head coach has led his team to 13 winning seasons in 12 years. Still, he continues to fall out of people's minds when thinking of the league's best leaders.

CBS Sports NFL writer Sean Wagner-McGough is the latest to undermine Tomlin's value as a coach. In his ranking of the top 10 coaches in the league, Wagner-McGough placed Tomlin seventh.

Sitting before Pete Carroll and after Sean McVay, Tomlin falls behind four Super Bowl winners and 2019's NFC champion.

  1. Bill Belichick
  2. Andy Reid
  3. John Harbaugh
  4. Sean Payton
  5. Kyle Shannahan
  6. Sean McVay
  7. Mike Tomlin
  8. Pete Carroll
  9. Doug Pederson
  10. Mike Zimmer

Here's the thing - just because your team didn't have Devlin Hodges and Mason Rudolph running the offense in 2019 doesn't mean you're a better coach.

Tomlin took a team without Ben Roethlisberger and Stephon Tuitt, mostly without James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster, and working with four new starters on defense, and led them to an 8-8 season.

93.7 The Fan reporter Josh Rowntree made an excellent point, stating that somehow Harbaugh earned the third-best coach in the NFL with one playoff win in the last seven years and none in the last five.

Instead of looking at how "stacked" the Ravens or Saints are, or the Rams were, why not look at what the coaches have done with their talent?

Mike Tomlin has found ways to win no matter who's playing. The Ravens are still waiting to see what they can do in the postseason. The Saints continue to fall short in the playoffs. And the Rams were good for two years.

It's not hard to see what Tomlin has done throughout his career. If you still deny it, you're walking blindly through the league, trying to make excuses to underrate him. 

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