It Appears J.J. Watt's Free Agency List is Down to Three Teams

The J.J. Watt free agency show continues, and this time, it looks like there's a real clue in where he signs this month.
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Well, it doesn't look like J.J. Watt will be reuniting with his brothers on the Pittsburgh Steelers' roster. 

For those who've followed along, the Watt free agency frenzy has been an interesting show to watch. Fans and media have tried to decipher the hidden messages in everything the All-Pro defensive end has put on social media. While some have been a bit far-fetch when trying to create a cryptic meaning, his latest move isn't hard to pick apart.

Watt changed his Peloton bio, listing three teams he seems to believe are headed for Super Bowl LVI.

A tough pill to swallow for Steelers fans, it appears Watt is interested in joining the AFC North with the team that ended his brothers' playoff run in 2020. The Buffalo Bills and Sean McDermott's defense is also on the list, and finally, his hometown team, the Green Bay Packers. 

Watt has reportedly listed a quarterback, supporting cast and money - in that order - as his top needs in free agency. While some still question Baker Mayfield, all three of his Peloton teams seem to meet Watt's criteria. 

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