Neville Gallimore Ready to Tackle Any Position at NFL Level

Donnie Druin

Oklahoma defensive tackle Neville Gallimore never gave much thought for his future Madden NFL rating. 

"Oh man. I hope they look out for me and at least give me something over 75" said Gallimore during our media day interview. The good news for Gallimore? He's got plenty of time to get that Madden rating up, starting in Mobile for the 2020 Senior Bowl. 

Gallimore, sitting at a cool 6'2" and 304 lbs, arrives to Senior Bowl week as one of the top defensive tackles on most NFL Draft analyst's boards. His athleticism in the interior is a rare commodity, as Gallimore excels in getting to the quarterback and arriving quickly in the backfield to aide the run game. 

Oklahoma is quite creative with their defensive fronts, often times moving Gallimore around the interior rather than simply sticking to his true nose tackle position, one he's mastered since he first began two seasons ago. 

"I can get comfortable playing anywhere on the defensive line" said Gallimore. "Doing something coach asks me to do, is something I'm willing to do."

Sometimes, he even chases running backs down to the sideline. Perhaps his background in soccer/basketball paid dividends to the athlete he is today.

Such athleticism for his position has landed pro-comparisons to Pittsburgh's Javon Hargrave. With a similar build (Hargrave checks in at 6'2", 305 lbs) and very similar athleticism in the interior, the comparison is nearly too good to be true.

"The fact that I'm even getting compared to a guy who's played in the league. He's actually had a lot of success. I'm just looking forward to the opportunity to work" said Gallimore. 

Should the Steelers lose Hargrave like many expect, in-house possibilities certainly exist for Pittsburgh. Options such as defensive ends Isaiah Buggs and Tyson Alualu have been thrown around as possible replacements, yet none are quite equipped to handle the duties of a 3-4 defensive tackle such as Gallimore. 

When asked if the Steelers had been in contact with him, Gallimore paused for a moment with a smirk on his face. "Yes sir" said Gallimore. 

Surely the Steelers' scouting department loves the idea of Gallimore in black and gold, but will Gallimore last long enough to Pittsburgh's second round pick (49th overall)?

If Gallimore's hype train continues to pick up momentum (all signs point towards yes), general manager Kevin Colbert may need to pick up the phone and move up a few spots in order to secure Gallimore. As stated earlier, Gallimore's current projections see him going somewhere between early to mid second round. 

Gallimore is likely to be successful wherever he goes. However if the Steelers are in a position of need when the draft rolls around the corner, Gallimore might be worth whatever is needed in order to trade up to ensure he ends up in the steel city.