Nick Vannett Says His Time With Steelers Was Unpleasant

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- Former Steelers tight end Nick Vannett didn't have much to say about his time in Pittsburgh during his first interview with Denver media. The newly signed Bronco recognized his time with the team - a total of 13 games - as unpleasant. 

"When I got to the Steelers, talk about just a crazy three months there," Vannett told local media. "It seemed like I came into an organization where the wheels were starting to fall off a little bit. Guys were getting hurt, Ben (Roethlisberger) was down. So I feel like I never really got to experience the true benefits, the true atmosphere that the Steelers normally would have because I came in on a crazy situation." 

The Steelers traded a fifth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft for Vannett in Week 3.

Vannett, who caught just 13 passes for 128 yards with the Steelers, said he couldn't talk too positively about the team because he wasn't overly thrilled with his time there. 

"I don't know. I can't say I have too many great things to say about that organization just from my time being there because it wasn't the most pleasant experience I've ever had," Vannett said. "So I can't really speak too much on them to be honest."

Vannett also mentioned that he began to feel like he was being kicked out of the Seattle Seahawks team once they brought in Will Dissly. He said eventually, the Steelers made an offer and Seattle pulled the trigger. 

"I always felt like toward the end of my tenure with the Seahawks, I felt like I was slowly getting kicked to the curb a little bit. They had another guy, a younger guy, they brought in, Dissly, they were pretty high on and they kind of saw him to be my successor." 

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I started following Nick when the Seahawks drafted him. He could not stay healthy. He whines all the time. He was not shown the curb. Will Dissly outplayed him for less payroll. Now he says he was unhappy with the Steelers. Good luck Nick hopefully you have found your place in Denver.


I'm a big Steelers fan and just about all I remember of this guy is - catches the ball, gets touched, falls down. There's a reason he's not memorable.


Two teams, two teams poor experience, is inward reflection required?


"I had a great year here. At the end of the day it's all about the guys you do it with, the relationships you form. I feel like in the three months during the season I was here I built so many good relationships that will go beyond the playing years. At the end of the day that is why you come to work every day, to be able to do it with the guys you do it with. I feel like I have established those relationships here and I want to continue to do it.
"If it was up to me, I would sign on the paper right now. I know there is a lot that goes into it, but hopefully it works out."

  • Nick Vannett, two months ago