Video: Steelers' Chase Claypool Involved in Southern Cal Bar Fight

In a video released by TMZ, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool appears to throw a kick during a fight outside a Southern California night club.
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It wasn't a pretty morning for Pittsburgh Steelers fans, as a video surfaced from TMZ showing wide receiver Chase Claypool's involvement in a Southern California bar fight. 

Claypool, who has traveled to multiple states this offseason, was caught on video during a dust up outside the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa. The receiver's involvement in the fight seems small as he remains a bystander around two groups before joining in with some pushing and shoving. 

Roughly 30 seconds into the video, Claypool appears to have kicked someone on the ground and then retreats as the crowd follows. The one minute clip is difficult to tell who Claypool was with or how many of those involved he knew. 

The video is from March 13. According to TMZ, the altercation started when someone was throwing dollar bills at a woman inside the club. Police were called but the groups had left before they arrived on the scene. 

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