Zach Banner Spreads Words of Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting, Holocaust Survivor

Noah Strackbein

Zach Banner has spent the last four days preaching about equality for black and Jewish lives, spreading stories and messages from his experiences within both communities. 

On day four, Banner returned with a third video supporting the movement for equality and change in America. This time, he used words from Holocaust and Pittsburgh synagogue shooting survivor, Judah Samet. 

"Don't hate because it will consume us too," Banner quoted. "Love your neighbor as thy self. As a nation, we have a history of caring about who is left and who is right, and most of the time, which side profits financially and gains power, when the focus should be on what is right for our community and what is wrong for our community."

Banner has used his platform to spread his message throughout the week. He started by telling the story of friends turned family from USC that welcomed him to the Jewish community. He then called out the NFLPA and players for their lack of attention towards DeSean Jackson's anti-semitic Instagram posts. 

He also mentioned speaking with Steelers' director of community relations, Blayre Holmes. Holmes presented to players what it will take for systemic change and how it will take years for real change to occur. 

Banner finished the video by talking about hope towards change within the community between neighbors. Pointing to the NFL shield on his headband, Banner tells his fellow players that "they control the message" of what the future holds. 

"Keep that same energy," Banner said. "Not just in 2020, but until we reach what we want most - equality."

Noah Strackbein is a Senior Writer with AllSteelers. Follow Noah on Twitter @NoahStrack, and AllSteelers @si_steelers.