How Jon Robinson Once Beefed Up At The Combine

David Boclair

Jon Robinson did not confirm a story that once – while a member of the New England Patriots personnel department – he ate steak seven nights in a row and gained 14 pounds during the NFL’s annual scouting combine in in Indianapolis.

He did not deny it either.

The fifth-year general manager appeared on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Thursday to address the Tennessee Titans’ most significant offseason moves. At one point, though, the conversation took a turn into a story about how Robinson once performed at the combine.

“I may or may not have partaken in seven straight days of steak when in Indianapolis,” Robinson said. “For those of us that have been to Indianapolis for the combine, it’s a long, grueling process and [there is] nothing like capping off the end of the day – or sometimes at 10 o’clock at night, when you’re out of interviews – with a nice, 16-ounce ribeye.”

Speaking of things that take time, Robinson also addressed the status of talks with running back Derrick Henry on a long-term contract: “It’s finding a common ground, really for any negotiation, regardless of the position,” he said. “You’re trying to find what makes best sense for the player and what makes best sense for the team.”

Beyond that, he discussed the impact of Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, how the Titans turned around their 2019 season and the some of the moves the team has made this offseason in free agency and the draft.

“I really like the core, the nucleus of our football team,” Robinson said. “We’ve got several guys back. We’ve added some guys. … We feel like the free agent pieces that we were able to add – meaning [re-signing] our own guys too. Then, attacking the draft … we’re really excited to see where these young guys can take us.”

He also conceded that working from home for the past couple months brings to mind the body he once crafted at the combine.

“I’m a little beefy right now,” he said. “Probably like most people.”