Watch Taylor Lewan Push a Pickup

David Boclair

Patches O’Houlihan taught us all in Dodgeball that “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

Taylor Lewan has taken that type of thinking to his offseason training. His approach seems to be: If you can push a truck, you can push an opposing defensive end.

The Tennessee Titans posted video over the weekend of their left tackle pushing a pickup a truck. And he appears to do so up a slight incline.

The truck is at a standstill as Lewan, the Titans’ first-round draft pick (No. 11 overall) in 2014 gets a running start and calls out to an unseen person in the driver’s seat, “All right, let’s throw the brake.” Over the course of 20 seconds he gets the vehicle moving at a pretty good clip. At one point, he yells out something about being undeterred by social distancing required by virtually every state in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Lewan is wearing a mask that covers his nose and mouth along with a red, white and blue head band. He is shirtless, which reveals he has received cupping treatments on the left side of his back. Cupping is an alternative medicine treatment in which cups are suctioned to the skin. Some belief it increases blood flow, which aids healing.

An average full-size pickup truck typically weighs in excess of 8,000 pounds. The typical NFL defensive lineman weighs somewhere between 250 and 300 pounds – but pushes back.

The Titans were scheduled to report for the start of their offseason training program on April 20. That will not happen, which means players are going to have to continue to find ways to get their work in on their own.