Tom Brady Market Prospects Slim After Titans Take a Pass

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With the NFL’s new year set to open up on Wednesday, the market for quarterback Tom Brady in free agency is evolving—and even shrinking a little bit. SI Senior Writer Albert Breer brings us up-to-date on where we are when it comes to the free agent market for Tom Brady.

The Titans—they’re out after committing to Ryan Tannehill. They started negotiating with Tannahill right after the Superbowl in early February when Tannehill switched agents. As the numbers started to crystallize, it became clear they are still happy with Tannehill.

The other teams that had been said to be involved—the Giants, the Dolphins, the Colts, and the Niners—were exploring the idea. But a lot of those teams didn’t want to put themselves into a one-to-two-year window, which leaves only a couple of teams that are legitimately interested.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots are the three teams to watch. Whether Brady returns to the Patriots depends on what Brady wants. He might return to the Patriots under a certain set of circumstances and Bill Belichick would have him back under a certain set of circumstances.

But as time moves on, it seems less and less likely that the two sides are going to sit down and work out whether or not one man’s terms mesh with the other.

It’s still worth holding out hope based on the fact that New England is probably the best football option for him.