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How Many Touchdowns Will Denzel Mims Score for Jets Next Season?

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The New York Jets selected wide receiver Denzel Mims in hopes of replacing Robby Anderson at the position. SI's fantasy exec Corey Parson and Jets team reporter Kristian Dyer shares thoughts on how successful the rookie will be next season.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Sports Illustrated is breaking down the daily prop bets on your favorite fantasy players. Joining me now from Jets' Country is Kristian Dyer and S.I Fantasy and gambling analyst Corey Parson. Kristian, let's talk about New York Jets rookie Denzel Mims. Do you think he can replace Robby Anderson's production this season?

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Kristian Dyer: I certainly think he has the potential to, whether he does in 2020 in the near term, that's going to be a little tricky. Keep in mind the Jets passing offense was bottom five in the league in almost every statistical category and asking him to produce at the Robby Anderson level. Anderson had five receiving touchdowns last year, which was tied for second on the team. That tells you how poor the Jets passing offense was in the 60 year history of the Jets. Six decades. Only fifty seven times as a player scored six or more receiving touchdowns over the course of a season. That's less than once every season. So being able to step up there and contribute in such a big way may be a tall order for a team and an organization that traditionally has been founded more running the ball rather than passing on Mims as speed. He's a playmaker. He can stretch the field and he has prototypical size. I do think at some point sooner rather than later, he will step up and not only equal Robbie Anderson's lost production, but probably exceeding. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole Corey, I want your fantasy inside on this, do you think memes will have over or under five and a half receiving touchdowns this season?

Corey Parson: Christian just brought up some excellent points about the New York Jets and their passing offense and how terrible it was last year. Now, listen, they bring in Mims and I think he does give that unit a shot in the arm. Some help along the offensive line and on Sam Darnold sought to put things together. Adam Gase you know, his coaching is up in the air as far as I'm concerned. But when I look at it, particularly Mims, I'm looking at a player that I think starts to get in gear as we head later down the stretch the season. I think getting to six touchdowns a little bit too much. I would take the under on this one. And think he comes out right about five scores. So, I like to under this one. But I do think it's a very bright future ahead for Denzel Mims. 

Kaitlin O'Toole: Alright. Well, that's good news for Jets fans, guys. Thank you so much for your insight. I appreciate it. For all the latest fantasy and gambling analysis, stay with SI

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