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Which New York NFL Team Is The Most 'New York'?

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With New York Governor Andrew Cuomo saying that he wants to watch the Buffalo Bills play again, which New York NFL team is actually New York's team? Giants reporter Patricia Traina and Jets reporter Kristian Dyer make their cases for their teams. 

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Robin Lundberg: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo encouraged major sports teams to get back to business, without fans that is, and added personally, he wants to watch the Buffalo Bills, which got me thinking about that old question: what's the actual New York football team? For more, I'm joined by Kristian Dyer, who covers the Jets, and Patricia Traina, who covers the Giants. Now, technically, the Bills are the only New York team Kristian.

Kristian Dyer: Well, they're the only team currently playing in New York, although both the Jets and the Giants have very storied histories there. If you're going to make the argument which team is most New York, on a technicality, the Buffalo Bills are going to make it. But when you talk about population center, you talk about influence, and I think, quite frankly, you talk about cultural impact and the impact on the modern NFL, a pretty significant argument could be made that it's not the Buffalo Bills, not the New York Giants, but the New York Jets. They were the ones in Super Bowl III which unified AFL and the NFL, culturally that Jets logo became an icon in the 60s and the 70s, and nothing really says New York and that New York and empire state of mind than getting knocked down and getting back up again. If there's one thing the Jets are good at, it's getting knocked down and most of the time getting back up again. 

Robin Lundberg: Even if it's a butt fumble that knocks you down. Patricia, I know you're not going to let somebody say the Jets are the New York team. 

Patricia Traina: Definitely not. Come on now. First of all, the Giants are one of the oldest teams in the NFL. Founded in 1925 when the Jets were just an afterthought in somebody's eye, number one. Number two, how many Super Bowls have the Giants been to? Five. And they've won four out of them. Now, granted, I know the Giants may have hit some hard times of late, but they are the team here in this New York, New Jersey area. And they've kept the name New York in their name despite pressure from politicians to change it. And they represent, you know, the blue collar, hard working fans of the New York, New Jersey area. 

Robin Lundberg: You know, the Bills kind of play in Canada, if you really think about it. So I would say that the Jets and the Giants are more New York City. However, when you are dealing with these rules and regulations, the Bills do play in New York State. So I'll let Bills mafia address you two. Appreciate the time. 

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