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SI Insider: Some NFL Teams Are Reportedly Considering Moving Training Camps to College Campuses

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With NFL preseason training camp quickly approaching, there is still a lot to be figured out in terms of coronavirus protocol. Some NFL teams are reportedly looking to college campuses to ensure the safety of their players and personnel. SI senior writer Albert Breer has more on these potential moves. 

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Madelyn Burke: As NFL teams explore contingency plans for training camps this fall. College campuses have become an option. Joining me now is MMQB senior writer Albert Breer. And Albert, how likely is it that some professional teams will be moving to college campuses to train?

Albert Breer: Well, I think there's a good likelihood that there might be a few teams that have to move, whether or not they go to college campuses remains to be seen. But I can tell you that that that five, six, seven teams have already looked at the idea of moving training camp out of state because their state's regulations just aren't in a place right now where they can be sure they're gonna be able to stage a training camp at the end of July. 

Bare bones, Madelyn, it takes about 150 people to run a training camp. And there's no guarantee that places like New Jersey, like California, like Virginia, and Maryland are going to be allowing gatherings of that size when we get to the end of July. So those teams have had to look at some college campuses. They've also looked at places like the Nike campus in Oregon, the IMG Academy in Florida, the Greenbrier in West Virginia. 

Certainly I think talking to a couple of athletic directors, they've at least looked at the idea of hosting NFL teams. The two that I talked to, Doug Knuth from Nevada and Scott Strickland from Florida, said they hadn't talked to the teams directly yet, but they're certainly preparing for the possibility that teams could call them. I'll tell you, Strickland told me that it was probably unlikely they'd be able to host one, where Knuth said that they were more than ready to welcome a team in. So I think you're getting a different answers from college campus to college campus. But certainly I think those schools are working through some of the logistics now and the teams are working through logistics and looking at college campuses. And again, places like IMG, Nike, and the Greenbrier.