Deshaun Watson Is A Leader For The Texans

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Deshaun Watson has emerged as a leader for the Houston Texans, taking the initiative to reach out to his new teammates. Texans reporter Patrick Starr tells Kaitlin O'Toole what sort of a role Watson plays on this team, both on and off the field. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: The Houston Texans have been a winning football team with Deshaun Watson at the helm and to show that they are committed to the quarterback, they are letting him take the lead on reaching out to the newest players on the roster. Joining me now from State of the Texans is Patrick Starr. Patrick, with DeAndre Hopkins leaving Houston, there were rumors on Watson's commitment, but he is clearly committed and taking the lead, sending messages to his new teammates. What is he telling them, though?

Patrick Starr: The big thing with Deshaun now is that, you know, with all these meetings taking place with the Texans through, like you said, zoom and discord, and they've been after it for a month, that he's telling these guys that they're ready to compete there. If you're new and you're just finding out about the Texans and, you know, if you're one of these new players, that's what they're about. They want to win at everything they do. If it's nutrition, if it's working out, if it's in the training room that they're trying to win every single day they set out on the field. And Deshaun feels like that's the best way to get the message, not only from himself to his new teammates, but that's what's going to carry on best for them when it comes to the regular season.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Well, let's talk about Watson and his future with Houston. There's obviously no secret that there's discussions being done about a possible new contract while he's still on his rookie contract. What would that new deal look like, though?

Patrick Starr: I'll tell you what, it's going to be one of the more interesting deals when it's all said and done. Right now, the contract that everyone's looking at is Dak Prescott. He signed his franchise tender with the Dallas Cowboys. That's around 31.5 million dollars. They're thinking that, from people I'm talking to, that this Deshaun Watson contract is going to be anywhere from 40 million per year when it's all said and done with almost 110 to 120 million fully guaranteed for Deshaun Watson to be the face of this franchise. The Texans are committed to Deshaun Watson, and no matter what rumors are out there or what's being sold to people out there, Deshaun Watson is the face of this franchise and will be the quarterback for this team. You have to remember, it's been winning football since Deshaun Watson has taken over and the Texans feel like they're just scratching the surface with Deshaun Watson as the quarterback. With new weapons like Randall Cobb, David Johnson and now Brandin Cooks added to Will Fuller and Kenny Stills, they feel like they have a full complement of skill players that fit exactly what Deshaun Watson is as a quarterback and how it fits his skill sets moving in the 2020 season.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Yeah, in his 37 starts. He's 24-13. I mean, who wants to get rid of a quarterback like that? Great insight. Thank you so much for joining me. I appreciate it.