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Ezekiel Elliott Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Several members of the Dallas Cowboys reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 with Ezekiel Elliott being one of them. Elliott's name being revealed left him a little perplexed.

Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg talked with Mike Fisher of CowboyMaven to discuss how the Cowboys have responded and how the NFL plans to deal with positive tests going forward as the NFL season is quickly approaching. 

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Robin Lundberg: Several members of the Dallas Cowboys have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. We know that Ezekiel Elliott is among them. For more, I'm joined by Mike Fisher of Cowboys SI.com. Mike, how does how the Cowboys have handled this indicate how the NFL expects to approach it going forward?

Mike Fisher: Well, there's probably a medical issue here and a legal issue here. The medical issue is going to be fine. Ezekiel Elliott, in his early 20s, one of the healthiest people on the planet with the finest health care available, too. So he'll be fine. The legal part of this is Zeke's protest on social media mentioning HIPAA. Which, of course, is the law that precludes medical professionals from releasing this sort of information. I don't suspect that medical officials released this. I think Zeke's own camp got to talking and it got out that way and Zeke is upset about it, obviously. Because in a sense, it's embarrassing, I guess, although those times from three months ago when a bunch of us said, I don't know about this coronavirus thing, I don't know anybody who's got it. Well, now you do. 

Robin Lundberg: What about the football applications? I mean, I saw Roger Goodell say that they're going to have to deal with positive tests. How do you expect the NFL and teams like the Cowboys to handle that?

Mike Fisher: Well, they've got themselves a conundrum because six feet apart doesn't work in a huddle. Don't breathe on each other. Doesn't work when I'm tackling you. This is not only a sport where I breathe on you. It's even a sport where I bleed on you. So this is a medical risk. There's no question about it for NFL players moving forward. Crossing our fingers and keeping fans out of the stands or a limitation of fans in the stands, that's not going to be enough. The risk is absolutely there. What will have to be there as well is constant and consistent monitoring and testing. So when someone does catch COVID-19, they get quarantined right away. And I guess specific to your question. What happens if in week one, if Player X gets sick and has to be in quarantine and misses week two? That'll be yet another obstacle as we approach football.