Danielle Hunter Doing Pilates is a Sight to Behold

Will Ragatz

Vikings star defensive end Danielle Hunter is an extraordinarily athletic human being. 

But you already knew that. Hunter is built like a Greek god and has become one of the most terrifying pass rushers in the NFL. He recorded 29 sacks over the past two seasons and last fall set the all-time record for most sacks in a career before turning 25 years old. Hunter is probably the best player on the Vikings' entire roster. He's already a superstar and is just entering his prime.

Part of the reason why the Vikings bought into Hunter's potential by selecting him in the third round in 2015 – when he was just 20 years old and had put up unimpressive numbers at LSU – was his raw physical traits. Hunter absolutely dominated the athletic testing drills at the combine and his pro day:

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 5.12.01 PM

Since then, Hunter has only continued to get faster and stronger. His work ethic is incredible, and his workouts are a thing of legend.

But did you know Hunter is also extremely flexible? He recently posted a video of himself doing pilates on his Instagram story, and it's a sight to behold.

That's a 6'5", 250-pound man. To be that flexible while being that muscular is a rare combination, and it explains how Hunter is able to get such great bend while rushing the passer.

Earlier this offseason, Hunter posted a video on Instagram where he was curling 80-pound weights.

The man is a machine.

You can follow Hunter on Instagram right here to see when he posts workouts to his story.

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