A History of Stefon Diggs's Cryptic Tweets

Examining the history of Stefon Diggs and his mysterious, vague posts on Twitter that tend to fuel trade rumors and speculation.

During his five years in the NFL, Stefon Diggs has gone from being a fifth-round pick to establishing himself as one of the more talented receivers in the league. His dynamic route-running ability and deep-ball excellence have led to plenty of production – Diggs has one of the most famous touchdown catches in playoff history and is coming off of consecutive 1,000-yard seasons – and he's become a star on the field.

Diggs has also become known for his personality off of the field. His outgoing, playful style shows up in media appearances, 96 Questions videos, and – perhaps most famously – on social media. Diggs has over one million combined followers on Instagram and Twitter, which is easily the most of any Vikings player.

While his IG account is primarily used to post pictures of his fashion choices, Diggs's Twitter is where things get interesting. He has a reputation for tweeting cryptic phrases or emojis that can be left open to interpretation. When paired with the never-ending trade rumors surrounding Diggs's name, those tweets frequently send Vikings fans – and other fans who would like to see their team trade for him – into a frenzy.

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Just look at some of the tweets he posted last week:

The thing about Diggs's cryptic tweets is that they could be about anything; he could just be tweeting random thoughts that have nothing to do with football or the Vikings. But it's hard to look at those last two tweets, about people not appreciating things until they're gone and business being business, and not think about the trade rumors. Diggs's frustration with his role in the offense back at the beginning of last season was widely reported, and it's certainly possible some of those feelings still exist.

Those type of tweets aren't new; Diggs has been doing this for a while. Here are a couple examples from back in 2018:

However, those weren't long after Diggs signed a five-year extension with the Vikings, so they didn't cause much alarm with fans.

The tweets continued during the 2019 offseason.

And continued during the Vikings' slow start to the 2019 season.

That last tweet was sent one day after the Vikings' 16-6 loss to the Bears dropped them to 2-2. Diggs didn't show up for team meetings on Monday or Tuesday of that week and missed Wednesday's practice for non-injury reasons. Later that week, he delivered the famous "truth to all rumors" line. Trade speculation was at its peak.

Fast forward to one day after the Vikings were eliminated by the 49ers in the divisional round, and Diggs was back at it.

Now we're back to the recent tweets that are embedded at the top of this story. Once again, it's important to remember that these likely don't mean anything. Diggs has been tweeting like this for a while, and outside of that week of turmoil following the Bears loss, there has been nothing to suggest he has ever genuinely wanted out of Minnesota.

But don't expect the rumors to stop anytime soon – and don't expect Diggs to stop fanning the flames with these tweets, either. It's becoming an offseason tradition.

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