Stefon Diggs Trade Rumors: Frustrated Star's Social Media Posts Make Waves

Will Ragatz

Stefon Diggs is frustrated right now.

That's no secret, nor is it much of a surprise. The first quarter of the season wasn't very fruitful for him from an individual standpoint, as the Vikings' commitment to running the football and Kirk Cousins' highly-publicized struggles have limited Diggs' opportunities to make the plays he's known for making. Diggs has gotten open as frequently as always, but Cousins has seemed gun-shy in taking shots down the field and has often been inaccurate when he does pull the trigger.

Everyone on the Vikings is frustrated with the way the team played in road losses to the Packers and Bears, but the two players who have gotten the most publicity for their frustration are Diggs and fellow star receiver Adam Thielen. Thielen's postgame comments about needing to be able to throw the ball blew up on Twitter, though he clarified on Monday that those were meant as broad comments about not wanting to be one-dimensional on offense. As frustrated as Thielen is, there's no mystery surrounding him.

Diggs is another story. He's made a habit of posting cryptic messages on Twitter and Instagram, and his slow start to the season has led to rumors popping up that he wants out of Minnesota. There's no legitimate basis for any of those rumors, but that hasn't stopped fans (especially of a certain team in New England) and bloggers from running with all kinds of trade ideas.

Here are his latest interesting social media posts, for what they're worth.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 2.36.56 AM
Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 2.37.20 AM

Diggs hasn't spoken to the media in almost two weeks, so reporters haven't had an opportunity to ask him about his frustrations. He has quickly left the locker room before talking to reporters after each of the last two games.

It seems likely that there's nothing to any of this, but it's a situation to monitor going forward.

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Skol Squad
Skol Squad

If he were to ask for a trade, do you think the Vikings would be interested in trading him? Or would they take the route that Jacksonville has with Ramsey?


Could see this one coming from a mile away, maybe Zimmer should play him at fullback so Kirk looks his way.